4 effective strategies to increase your online sales

How is it possible to generate interest and get people to sign up for your course, take action and buy? It’s a big challenge… but an achievable one! Here are four proven-effective strategies for converting a prospect into a client.


1. Generate a presale

A presale is a way to market a product or service before it is made available. A presale is usually accompanied by a special offer with an expiration date. On the WFormation website, you can put your course up for presale at a special price, before it’s actually available online. In other words, you can start selling the course while you’re still creating it

This strategy offers several benefits:

  • This strategy offers several benefits:
  • Encourages anticipation
  • Allows you to receive income before finishing producing your content
  • Starts your upstream presence in your network of contacts on the web and on social media
  • Encourages you to finish producing your content before the end date of your presale (effective for procrastinators!)
  • Makes it possible to test the market before starting production (if no sales are generated, perhaps you should reconsider providing this course)

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2. Offer free excerpts

Everyone loves freebies. This is a fact. Offer free content and draw in an audience that will want to satisfy the urge to know more by purchasing your course. Offer a taste of what they will get by offering one or more free videos that leaves them wanting more!

And why not offer one or more purchase bonuses while you’re at it? Bonuses give the illusion of receiving something that has not been paid for. Include one or more free videos to your course content. The more your bonus is enticing, motivating and tempting, the more likely it is you’ll make a sale.

There’s nothing better than offering a treat to generate enthusiasm! If you currently have content available online and wish to revive interest and make new sales, consider offering free samples! Select one or more excerpts from your course and offer them for free in your newsletter, on your Facebook page or on your website. Then, invite people to purchase the full version! Simple, easy and, above all, effective!

The idea of offering free excerpts sparks your interest? Contact us for more information!

3. Offer a limited-time-only discount

«This offer ends in three days!» This strategy is used regularly on the web and in supermarkets. Offering a special limited-time-only discount increases the sense of urgency and stimulates buyers to take action immediately for fear they might miss out on a unique opportunity! It is recognized that limited-time-only special offers generate more sales than discounts alone.

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4. Create a free webinar

Web conferences have been booming in recent years. It is becoming easier to organize webinars (web conferencing) and to monetize them. Free conferences are a popular marketing tool that helps attract your target audience, slowly convinces them and then finally gets them to buy your product. This method is effective if and only if your content has an informative and educational flavour. If you use up three quarters of the conference to talk about selling a product, chances are you’ll be disappointed with the results. Entice, inform and impress your buyers by motivating and educating them. Offer them concrete solutions to their problems. You’ll see…your efforts will be rewarded!

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In light of these ideas, what strategies are you willing to put into action? Did this article help you? Do you have a testimonial to share? Let us know what you think in the Comment section below.

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