Speakers, teachers and sharers of knowledge…

WFormation is for you !

Are you a good communicator with a natural talent for teaching?
Do you enjoy teaching and sharing what you know?
Do you have a store of educational content already in hand?
Are you passionate about your projects and believe in them wholeheartedly?

WFormation is a turnkey solution for entrepreneurs who want to start an e-learning business.

  • No technical skills required
  • No membership, subscription or other fees
  • No limitation or loss of rights



An e-learning platform

The most advantageous platform on the market!

WFormation guides you through the setup of your online course from start to finish and provides all the services you need. It’s truly a unique concept!

Become a WTrainer and receive up to 80% of the revenues generated by your WFormation course. You’ll also automatically access all of the following services:

Personalized coaching
WFormation provides step-by-step guidance, offers tips and refers you to professionals when needed.

Consulting service
WFormation provides resources (guides, tools, training) to help you create your courses and promote them.

Complete data-entry service
WFormation uploads your content on the platform. You have nothing to do!

Quality assurance
WFormation validates and contributes to your content to ensure optimum quality.

Web Development
WFormation offers all the features you need and develops new ones on request.

Video Conferencing
WFormation offers the privilege of using WebinarJam for free to broadcast and record your webinars.

24-hour technical support
WFormation offers worldwide 24-hour technical support by email or by phone.

Web Design
WFormation renovates or creates a custom website in WordPress to improve your corporate image and promote your online training.

Web marketing and remarketing
WFormation offers basic Web marketing and remarketing services. For a more complex strategy, WFormation will refer you to the most appropriate professionals.

WFormation has three affiliate programs: a program that allows anyone to refer others to courses and receive a royalty on sales: a program that allows WTrainers to refer other trainers and receive royalties on their sales and a program that allows all partners of a WTrainer to receive royalties on a specific course, certain courses or all courses.

Customer support
WFormation takes care of customer service for you. When users have questions, technical difficulties or simply need help, WFormation is responsible for helping them and contacting them.

Want to enter
the e-learning market?

WFormation is the ideal tool if you…

Cherish the idea of offering online courses
but don’t know how to go about it or where to start.

Want to use a powerful and complete Web system
without paying expensive production costs to create a platform on your own.

Just want to enjoy a web platform
without worrying about all the technical support it requires.

Need coaching, advice and tools
to create, build and promote your online courses.

Aspire to be part of a community of trainers
and benefit from synergy and visibility.

Want to enjoy a video conferencing system for free for your webinars, conferences and live courses.

Want to break into the international market of e-learning.

Want to enjoy advice and services provided by professionals
in various fields (video production, graphic design, copywriting, Web Production, etc.)

A turnkey solution

Peace of mind… at a reasonable price!

Creating your own e-learning platform can cost tens of thousands of dollars. In addition to the cost and time investment, a certain amount of skill is required to maintain such a platform. With WFormation you benefit from a turnkey web system without worrying about the following:

✘ Customer support
✘ Data entry
✘ Conversion, compatibility and security of video files
✘ Streaming system and bandwidth management
✘ Online payment system and monthly reports
✘ International coverage

✘ Technical support, bug management
✘ Maintenance, updates
✘ Web hosting, server management
✘ Internet security and backups
✘ Managing growth, scalability
✘ Accessibility of the platform on all devices
✘ Graphics, ergonomics and ease of use
✘ Web Optimization (SEO)
✘ Web marketing
✘ Newsletter management

An e-learning platform

All the features you need!

  • Unlimited course and lesson development
  • Option to limit the number of viewings for a course (e.g.: can be viewed only once)
  • Option to limit the availability of a course
    (e.g. 30 days, 60 days, no time limit)
  • Option of requiring a prerequisite
  • Option of providing a free lesson(s)
  • Secured video player
  • Attachments (text, audio, video)
  • Evaluation questionnaire
  • Certificates
  • Comments and questions sent to trainers
  • Statistics
  • Email notifications
  • Detailed monthly sales reports
  • Automated Paypal bank transfers
  • Responsive interface: functional on mobiles, tablets and other platforms
  • Etc.