How to paint a glittering enchanted forest

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2h12  of video
22 lessons
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The lessons will be available in english starting December 20th 2016.

How to paint a glittering enchanted forest

image-foret-mentionPainter and teacher for 23 years, Sylvia Paquette, has over the past few years been painted the “enchanted glittering forest”. The glow and shine of the metallic tones used in her recent works captivate our gaze and evoke our dreams. This new and refreshing style rapidly became very popular as Sylvia’s work gained more and more praise. She was recognised six times with the “Public’s Choice” award, one “Choice among artists” award as well as several other acknowledgments.

In this tutorial, you will learn this technique step by step and acquire the skills to create your own sparkling enchanted forest!

This tutorial includes :

  • 2h12 of video, divided in 22 lessons
  • 1 document for download and print (pdf) – list of material
  • Direct access to the teacher – ask questions on line


In this tutorial you will learn how to :

  • Assemble all the required material
  • How to create your shiny canvas with an easy step by step process
  • Use your tools and products to create a sparkling work of art!

*The Epoxy finish technique is not included in this tutorial

This course is available in french here. Ce cours est disponible en français ici.

Created on 13 March 2016 | Last updated on 18 April 2017
Sylvia Paquette
Painter and teacher
Sylvia Paquette was destined to lead an artistic career. After several years of drifting, the discovery of oil revealed her to herself. One day she would be a painter, exhibit her works and live from her art. Since 1998 Sylvia has been offering classes to children, teenagers and adults in her art studio. She also gives painting classes at several community centers as well as for intellectually handicapped.