The Smart Woman’s Car Buying Guide – Student Basic Package

26min  of video
11 lessons
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The Student Basic Package
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This course is perfect for you if you want to be informed and be made aware about car shopping!

If you are buying a car or expect to, get The Essential Advanced Package – The complete guide that suits your current needs.

CarTrust Education is an innovative approach to car shopping using a 6-step proven formula that reduces stress and confusion when buying or selling your car. Author and automotive educator Joseph Niro will teach you the successful 6-step process to save you as much money as possible.

CarTrust Education is an e-learning platform designed to empower women (or men) car buyers of all ages with clear, unbiased, brand-independent information. The objective is to provide course materials that will help you identify the 3 key elements that lead to car buying satisfaction.

The Smart Woman’s Car Buying Guide will give you the knowledge and confidence to win at the car game and save up to $100,000 over a lifetime of car buying, selling and repairs.

  • Get the right car for your real needs. There is a perfect car for you!
  • Get the best price. Never be misled again! Guarantee!
  • Shop in a stress-free environment and ensure you stay within your budget.
  • Become a wise autonomous self-confident car shopper woman.
  • Make your car shopping experience simple, fun and stress free.
  • Buy a car perfectly suited to your needs, your desires and your budget. It is possible!
  • Save time and lot of money. Know exactly what to do within the 6 golden steps.
  • No more stress. No more haggling. Just the best price. Guarantee.

Women, you are at the right place to start your car shopping!

This Student Basic Course includes :

26-minute introductory training video with Auto Expert Joseph Niro
6 CarTrust’s ultimate tools to download

Plus :
Unlimitted access to the New Car Shopping Gallery Site
Links to 29 women-approved CarTrust educational websites
The privilege to ask your questions to Auto Expert Joseph Niro into the CarTrust Community Course

BONUS! CarTrust ebook :
The Smart Woman’s Car Buying Guide Book – PDF version

6 CarTrust’s ultimate tools :

  • Automotive Profile Questionnaire (PDF)
  • Agreement Between Seller and Buyer Used Car (PDF)
  • Pricing Request Form (PDF)
  • 60 Points Test-drive Checklist (PDF)
  • Car Negotiation Form (PDF)
  • 20 CarTrust Tips to Successful Car Shopping (PDF)


Unlimited and guaranteed!

This Student Basic Course is in a prerecorded video format and includes downloadable PDF documents and ebook.

You can watch the course and access all documents anytime from anywhere with any devices (mobile phone, tablet or computer) connected to internet.

You have an lifetime access. This means that you can access this course and its updates forever!

You have no risk, this course is guaranteed. At anytime, you can request a refund with no question asked.

What will this advanced course help you accomplish?

Determine your car profile and which steps are necessary first before you begin car shopping.
Learn how working with a CarTrust Professional Automotive Consultant will eliminate your stress.
Outline all the secrets to how women can save on new car shopping and trade-ins, in addition to lowering service and repair costs.
Discover how a membership will save you up to $1000 per year.
Also, see how your $1000 savings can grow into $100,000 over a 30-40 year period.

You are no longer alone with this complex automotive task!

Step 1 : Create your automotive profile – The key to successful car shopping
Step 2 : Learn how to do a proper trade-in – How to add $10,000 to your wallet
Step 3 : Become better informed on what to buy and when to buy it
Step 4 : Learn the best test drive techniques – The ultimate test drive checklist
Step 5 : Validate your needs and choices with proven tools – save $50,000 or more
Step 6 : Negotiate the best car price – You will get the best deal!

Save 20 hours of searching!

The CarTrust video series is the top source for structuring your car-shopping experience.

Our members are able to make clear and sound choices.
You are not alone anymore with CarTrust.

If you are buying a car or expected to, or you want to deepen your knowledge and apply the 6 steps, you have to buy the Essential Advanced Package here.
Created on 23 November 2015 | Last updated on 17 December 2015
Joseph Niro
Author and founder of CarTrust inc.
Joe Niro has been working as an independent automotive consultant with new car buyers since 1984. For the past 25 years he has helped countless women to decipher and understand the complex car-shopping cycle using his simplified one-contact approach. His passion makes the car-buying experience clear and stress-free. Joe’s formula is to use a systematic 6-step approach that empowers you to put emotions aside and get to the heart of your car profile. With over 300 models on the market the re... More