Last updated: July 21, 2015

Terms of use for trainers


I am 18 years of age or older..

I am 18 years of age or older.

I accept the responsibilities that come with publishing my content on WFormation. I agree to answer the questions and comments from members who have purchased my content.

I am responsible for the quality of my content, texts, images and video and audio files. I will ensure that my content complies with all laws concerning copyright and other uses of intellectual property. I will further ensure the content I publish is both genuine and of good quality.

I understand that results are contingent on the quality of my content, teaching methods and promotional efforts, as well as on the promotional efforts carried out by WFormation. WFormation does not guarantee any sales.

My content remains my property at all times. I am free to disseminate and sell my content elsewhere and on other websites. (See exception)

I am not bound to WFormation by any contract whatsoever.

I understand that WFormation is not responsible for any interactions between me and my clients. WFormation cannot be held responsible for any disputes, claims, losses, injuries or damages of any kind resulting from the publication or use of my content. I understand that WFormation offers no guarantee whatsoever regarding the
reliability, validity, accuracy or veracity of my content.


I agree to let WFormation make any necessary corrections to spelling, grammar and sentence structure it may find in my content. Should this occur, WFormation will inform me by email.

I understand that WFormation reserves the right to improve the quality of my content in any way whatsoever. WFormation will inform me by email in order to obtain my approval.

I understand that I do not have access to the platform to change my content or personalized page. In the near future, WFormation plans on providing this autonomy to its members.

I can remove my content from WFormation at any time. (See exception)

I understand that WFormation can interrupt the availability of my content at any time. Should this occur, I will be notified by email.

I can publish my content on other websites. I am not bound to WFormation by any exclusivity agreement. (See exception)

In the event that WFormation ceases its business activities, all trainers and users will be notified in advance by email. All users who have recently purchased a training course will have 30 days to view it. Subsequently, all content will be deleted. If I wish to receive a copy of my content, I must send a request to WFormation before it terminates its activities.

In the event that I wish to end my activities on WFormation, for whatever reason, I must make a request by phone or email. WFormation will then inform all my course subscribers and give them 30 days to finish viewing their purchased course. After 30 days, WFormation will delete my account, my WFormation page and all of my content.


I accept to receive a percentage of the revenues generated by the sale of my content on WFormation. This rate will be established in advance with WFormation. WFormation only receives royalties on sales made via WFormation.

I accept that my content may be used in promotional campaigns and be subject to promotional discounts offered by WFormation. I will keep a percentage of the revenues generated after discounting.

I accept that revenues be automatically transferred to my PayPal account on a monthly basis and I understand that PayPal automatically takes a commission (2.9% plus $0.30).

I will be emailed a detailed sales report in PDF format every month.

I understand that WFormation offers users a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. In the event that users request a refund for my course, my current percentage will be deducted from future sales and the refund will be clearly indicated in my sales report.

In the event that I wish to terminate my activities on WFormation and I have paid for one or more WFormation services through a percentage of sales, I must cover the cost of these services prior to closing my account (amount owing, percentage on sales made up to now). If I have made sufficient sales to cover the costs, WFormation will not remit any money for additional revenues, if applicable.

I will be emailed a detailed sales report in PDF format every month. For each sale, the report will show the purchase date, buyer’s username, course title, sale price, promo code percentage (if applicable), percentage of royalties taken by WFormation, amount to be received, the total, taxes and reimbursements.

By means of this report, I will automatically have a list of everyone who has purchased my courses. However, I will not have access to their full name, email address or any other personal information.

Personalized page

I agree to WFormation creating a personalized page for me and using my data and files in a way that accurately reflects me.


I agree to subscribe to the WFormation trainers’ newsletter in order to receive practical tips, updates about the platform and usage statistics. (I can unsubscribe at any time.)

Promotional videos

If I do not have a promotional video, I accept that WFormation may create a video to promote my content and publish it on its website as well as on social media networks. I understand that this promotional video is the property of WFormation and that it will respect the creative criteria set out my WFormation.


I accept that WFormation may promote my content on its website, in its newsletter, on social media and other websites, in print media and at corporate events.

I accept that WFormation will take a portion of my video content for promotional purposes.

I can also promote my own content myself, in any way I choose.


I understand that WFormation uses technology developed by S3 Media Maestro for all its video content. This technology greatly reduces the risk of content theft and plagiarism by preventing users from copying or downloading the video.


Intellectual property (exception)

I also understand that if I have received free video shooting, editing, graphic design services, etc. as part of the launch of WFormation, the content created remains the property of WFormation. In the case that I wish to use this content or publish it elsewhere other than on WFormation, I will have to pay the service costs owed to WFormation to become the owner of my content.